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Walls and Painting

A wall may be considered primarily as a structural element of architectural design, but it has also represented a surface for the creative expression of human sentiment to mankind since primeval times. It is like a panel or canvas on a much larger scale. Prehistoric cave paintings, Egyptian stone tablets covered with symbols, early Christian art sketched in the Roman catacombs, Renaissance frescoes by someone like Leonardo da Vinci - throughout the centuries artists have made use of the naturally large dimensions of walls to realize their creative impulse.

Petra Winterkamp’s murals are closely related to the tradition of wall painting in the history of art. One mural covering an area of 4x7 meters was painted for the spa of a large hotel in southern Germany and has the resonant title of "Salto del Angel” (Angel Falls in Venezuela). Warm natural hues and forms articulate the subject of the various relationships between water, civilization and time in the context of the world’s great civilizations.

Petra Winterkamp’s murals are appearing increasingly in private indoor spaces. Taking into account the room’s existing conditions and the patron’s visions, the artist completes individual and literally unique murals that extend far beyond the physical meaning of the wall and fill their viewers with amazement.

Petra Winterkamp lives and works in Munich. She would be happy to answer your questions in Munich at phone 01149-89-167143.

This mural frieze can be viewed at the spa-center from Hotel Allgaeustern, Germany. The wall installation in the main lobby is also part of Petra Winterkamp's work.